TclTutor 2.0

Provides instructions and samples for learning the Tcl language
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Learn about the commands, code lines and structures based on the Tcl language. Access a variety of instructions for specific tasks along with visual samples of programs. The package includes 47 lesson presentations for all basic commands and textual descriptions in interactive examples.

TclTutor is a computer aided instruction package for learning the Tcl language. It consists of 47 lessons covering the basic Tcl commands, including the dict command.
The format of a TclTutor lesson is a short textual description of a command or concept and an interactive example. The lesson text is available in 3 levels of verbosity, "Expert", "Computer User", and "Beginner". The differing levels of verbosity provide a beginner with more information about computer terminology and general programming techniques, while allowing an experienced programmer to get just the minimal information that they need to start using a command. The expert level can be used as a reference tool after you've started using Tcl/Tk regularly.

The examples can be edited and re-run to experiment with how the command behaves.

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